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30 November
Elton has so far been to three dogshows, puppy class 4-6 months. He has been regarded with HP (honour price) and BOB (Best of breed) at all three.

23 November
The dogs of Happy Workmate's D-litter is 2 years old today!
Dacci, Flink and Izzie is doing just great by their owners, loved to bits :)

25 August
All pups are spoken for.

17 August
Some of the puppies have moved to their new homes and a some will go soon.
But there are still a few MALES AVAILABLE!
To the left there are photos of the four (at the moment) unsold ones. Their names are, from the top, Elton, Exter, Enzo and Eros.
They are open friendly pups that love to play. They have all been trying on some puppy tracking and the nose is working just fine :)
All eight males in the litter have their testicles at the right place at the veterinary examination at 7 weeks of age.
If you are interested in a male, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will arrange to get the dog vaccinated towards rabies and will also get an export pedigree for your dog.
The dog will be able to leave at the age of 15 weeks, if you don't wait to long to contact me.
I do speak english :)

24 June 2016
The puppies from Happy and Ice Breaker des terres d'Alfheim is born!
On the 13th of June Happy gave birth to ten puppies. Eight males and two females, all brindled.
Because of the large number of males there are still dogs available. If you are interested in a male from this combination please contact me by email, telephone or FB.

21 May 2016
Dacci /Daiquiri) has got her first Cacib today at the SKK International dog show in Hässleholm. It was her first entry in youth class and the judge Karl-Erik Johansson rewarded her with CK, CAC, CACIB and BOB (Best of Breed)!

16 May 2016
Flink (Devil), the third and last dog of the D-litter has got his hips and elbows x-rayed. The result was HD B and ED 0. Good hips and elbows for all the three dogs after Haguen and Happy.

15 May 2016
Happy is expecting pups!
At the ultrasound we saw at least 8 pups, but only time will tell how many that will be born. I am really looking forward to this litter and hope to find active homes for the puppies of Ice breaker and Happy.

11 May 2016
First the good news! Dacci (Daiquiri) has had her hips and elbows -rayed with result HD B and ED 0.
The sad news is that Shaki (Capella) from the first litter of HW's has been put to the final sleep. She followed her 15 old friend Elmi, one of them would not be happy without the other one. So rest in peace loving Shaki, you will always stay close to our hearts.

15 April 2016
Happy has had her first "date" with Ice Breaker des terres d'Alfheim in Paris. Hope for pups with a lot of "will to please".
Ice Breaker is HD A, ED 0, he has passed his character test and he is competing in obedience classes with excellent results.

19 January 2016
Since last update Dacci has been to another show with the result of VG. More ringtraining needed ;)
HW's Devil (Flink) got VG at Nordic Winner 15 in Stockholm. At the same show Happy were BOB and Nordiv Winner -15.
I'm searching "all over the world" for a male who will suit Happy for mating in spring -16. The hardest to find is a dog who's proof of gun shots and with an over all stabile mentality. In Sweden there are none at the moment so searching is needed elsewhere.
Feel free to send me a message if YOU have a male dog I could concider ;)

14 September 2015
Saturday the 12th Dacci (HW's Daiquiri) was at her second show, a national SKK (Swedish Kennel Klub) in Eslöv. The judge Luis Pinto Teixeira gave her CK and CAC from Juniorclass. She was therefore also BOB. Nice done, two shows two CAC :)

6 September 2015
Today Izzie (HW's Di Izzie) made her debut at the European Winner Dog Show in Oslo. She got a Very Good, which is ok as she is right now. She just needs time to be a bit more efficient in her movements ;) , a little bit "loose" all over at the moment :)

30 August 2015
Happys daughter Dacci (HW's Daiquiri) got her first CAC today! Well done at her first official show in junior class.

24 August 2015
More sad news.
Today Happy Workmate's Elektra has passed away. She lived in Holland for almost 13,5 years with her owner Frans Kersbergen and his family. I'm so sorry for their loss, but even happy because of the great life she got to live with them all.
R.I.P Elektra.

11 August 2015
Today Happy Workmate's Yobas Blaze has walked over the Rainbow bridge. Now she is living through her children, grandchildren and soon, great grandchildren :)

9 August 2015
Happy has been to the first show after having puppies. The Danish judge Birgitte Schjöth gave her excellent, CK (champ qual) and BIR (BOB) in the championclass. I'm happy with that :) The show was in Askersund, Sweden.

8 August 2015
Devil has got another home. His new owner is Anna Norelius and they are living in Stockholm. He is from now on called "Flink" that means "quick", "nimble", "active", a very good description of his character. We wish them all the best!

4 March 2015
The three pups have left the nest :)
The male, Happy Workmate's Devil is owned by Emma, Sweden.
Happy Workmate's Daiquiry (Dacci) is owned by Lotte, Sweden and
Happy Workmate's Di Izzie( Izzie) is owned by Nina, Norway.

At the moment I have not planned for another litter. Before I decide what to do I will evalute the latest litter. If there will be more pups from my kennel it will probably be in spring/summer 2016, if I can find a suitable male.

Happy was a good mum for her puppies. Now she's enjoying being back to her "normal" life with training and playing.

Happy having fun

7 December 2014
The pups are born!
At the 23 of november Happys pups were born. There were four of them but unfortunately the firstborn died during the birth. The three remaining are big and healthy pups, two females and one male.
At the age of 13 days their weight are 1100, 1160 and 1300 gram.

20 October 2014
Happy is confirmed carrying pups! The birth will be around 22-23 of november :)
Some of the people at the "waiting list" might be lucky but unfortunately a lot of people will not. The interest of a puppy is way to large compare to the amount of puppies a bitch can get (in her lifetime).

Pups pedigree!

5 August 2014
While we are waiting for Happy to be in heat, we are active as ususal. I July we took part in an obedience class 1 and got 1st price.
The 19th of July Happy was entered to an international SKK dog show in Askersund.
The judge was the well known Mr. Jan de Gids from the Netherlands, and Happy got Excellent, CQ, CACIB, BOB.
When I read on FB a comment (to another dog judged by Jan de Gids) from a well known dutch breeder that "when Jan de Gids said she is excellent in type, she really is!". Maybe that's true in Happys case too ;)
Happy has so far been to 11 dog shows (official class, not puppy) and got Excellent and CAC or CQ at all of them, for different judges.

Now it's about three weeks untill Happy will be in heat. I'm really looking forward to it and hope that she will have puppies with Haguen.

29 May 2014
Male is now decided for next mating of Happy!
His name is Haguen du Domaine Des Sphinx Noirs and he is a French male. He is x-rayed with hips A and elbows 0. He is kbr/kbr and he is not afraid of loud noices or gun shots.
Happy will probably be in heat by late August so hopefully we might expect puppies this autumn :)

Haguen and Happy



24 April 2014
It's not easy to find a male for Happy. And the more I "know" the harder it is.
Very few longhaired are "promoted" as working dogs and we also think different about what a "working dog" is. For some people a working dog is a dog doing any kind of bitework, for others it's a dog doing any kind of work.
In Sweden there are a few "rules" you as a breeder need to follow when you have a breed that the SBK (Svenska Brukshundklubben/Swedish Working dog association) are responsible for.
For the DS the dog have to have hips A or B and it need a MH (mental description). If you want to have puppy reference for you litter, the breed club (RHH) also has rules for where the marks are done at the MH. One of the important things are that the dog are not afraid of shooting ( 9 mm Start pistol).
And this criteria seems to be the hardest one for the longhaired to fulfil:(

Is it really that important that a dog is "shot proof"?
Yes, I (and many others) think so. For a working dog it is necessary, for a "family dog" it makes the life easier. If you want to take part in eg. working trials, IPO, Mondioring, Rescue dog, Search dog, you need a dog who's not afraid of loud noices.

A lot of studies have proven that the fear of loud noices has a very high inheritance. If we want to get more stabile dogs ( I'm here talking about the fear of loud noices) we need to use the stabile dogs for breeding, not the ones that are afraid. Of course we will still have dogs that not are totally stabile, but by open our eyes for the problem we might getter better dogs.

At least here in Sweden, the longhaired variety needs to improve to be more popular among the people interested in different king of working trials (and partly agility and obedience). We need to "produce" dogs that are eager to work (but still stabile) and of course with as little fear as possible for loud noices.

For you who have wondered why I still haven't succeeded finding a male for Happy, the part with the loud noices/shooting has been the tough part. There are some males that fulfil almost "everything" but are too close family for breeding. The working spirit seems to be inheritable ;)
But I will not give up, somewhere out there he is, THE one!

31 March 2014

Due to circumstances no one could predict there were no mating between Happy and Dirk.
I tried to find another male when I was in Holland but had no luck. The problem is to find a dog who is stabile to loud noices (and prefareable proof to shots) and has had hips examined with A or B.
So I have to start looking for another male and hopefully I'll find one before August, when Happy will be in heat again.

March the 15th
Happy is now in heat and will be mated to Dirk some time next week. Holland here we come!
A few weeks ago I had her eyes examined and they were without any remarks. She is also checked for hypothyreosis and she's negative. Her hips are A and the elbows 0 (without remarks).

The Swedish breed club, RHH, have announced the winners of the HH of the year 2013. Happy was number two on this list (all types of competitions, all coat varieties)! She was also number one Show Dog and number one Messenger Dog.
I'm so pround of my "Happy", always up for any kind of work or activity. And she's also my best friend :)


27 January 2014s
By the end of March Hollanderhuset's Be Happy will be mated to
Graaf Graag Gezien v.d. Rozeborgh (Dirk). His parents are Attis de la Source du Montet and Nichtje Nadjenna v.h. Eigen Land.
Both Happy as well as Dirk has HD A, Happy has ED 0.
I have faith in this combination and hope to have good dogs for any kind of dog sports.
The pictures belove shows Dirk, to the right there are "new" photos of Happy.


January 2014
Happy started the year 2014 as she finished 2013, with another BOB at an international dog show. In December 2013 she was one of three longhaired (two Swedish and one Finnish, all females)at the Swedish Winner show in Stockholm. As usual she loved being in the ring and showed really good movement. In the group final Happy was left among the six best of the group 1 :)
Then in January, at the MyDog in Gothenburg, she once again got excellent, ck, cacib and BOB for the judge Yvonne Brink.
Even if this also was a qualification to Crufts, the DS are not recognized by their kennel club so we're not welcome to participate anyway.

September 2013
These are "old" news but I have just forgot to write about them :)
At the end of June Happy passed the second level of messenger dog/working trials. The points were high enough to "pass" for next level.
She has, just this year, managed to pass level two (of four) in the (nordic) tracking as well as the messenger dog. These working trials includes even e.g. obedience, lay down in group for 5 minutes with shots fired every minute as well as tracking/messenger dog (running between two persons with messages in the wood).
She is the first longhaired DS with results in messenger dog competition :)

June 2013
She dis it again!
At the International Dog show in Vejen, Denmark, Happy was rewarded with 1 excellent, ck, cac, cacib and BOB :)
By that she is now even Danish, Nordic and International Show Champion.

Now we just hope to find her a nice charactered male for mating in the middle of September 2013.

February 2013
Another success for Happy!
At the NKK International dog show in Bø (Norway) Happy got Cert (cac) and Cacib and the title Norwegian Show Champion. At seven dog shows she has got "excellent" seven times, judged by seven different judges. Not a bad breed result :)

January 2013
Happy started the year just like she ended the last one!
At the show My Dog in Gothenburg she got excellent i champion class, CK, Cacib and BOB.
Because of Happys good working ability I'm thinking about having a litter after her. I hope she will pass on her will to please and work hard as well as her good look. Her hips are A and elbows 0 so that's not a problem either. She has k-locus br/y which makes me look for a male with just kbr (to avoid yellow puppies).
It's not easy to find a suitable male, here in Sweden there are no one I can use. Most of the dogs are too close family. In Norway it's the same and in Finland it's way too much hip dysplasia :(
But I'm not giving up! Somewhere out there he is, the father to be of Happy Workmate's D-litter :)

December 2012
At Stockholm Hundmässa, "the" international dog show of the year, Happy got the CAC she needed after the age of 24 months. Because she even has fullfilled the working part of the championship regulations, she got the title SE UCH- Swedish Showchampion. This show was even a "Winner" show and Happy got the title SV-12, Swedish Winner 2012.

2012 has been an extraordinary year for Happy. She has done well at the mental test as well as the two shows she has visited. And on top of this she has competed in working classes with great results. Two of four levels are done and we are training for the third one.

During 2013 I will intensify the look for a good male for Happy. I feel it would be a shame not to breed on her because she has "the look", the working ability as well as a good mentality for a breeding dog.

June 2012
The 3rd of June Happy was promoted to the second level of swedish working trials, tracking group. Ske did a great job and we're looking forward to the next "test". Probably that will be in the group "messenger dog" because that's our favourite part of the working trials. Even in the messenger dog group the dogs has to do obedience, down-stay for 5 minutes with gun shots and a shorter type of messenger dog also including gun shots.

January 2012
This year started with great results from "MyDog" in Gothenburg!
MyDog is an international dogshow during four days, split in two different shows, so every group has two days of showing.
Happy was just entered on Saturdag the 7th and she was the only DS, all coats. The judge was Orietta Zilli from Italy.
The judge thought good of Happy and revarded her with Excellent, ck, cert (cac) and Cacib. Because of her being BIR (BOB) we also took part in the group final of group 1 in the late afternoon.
Happy was not "placed" in the final but she was among the seven best dogs of the group. I'm very, very pleased with that result. A great start of the dog show season!

August 2011
Happy has now been to her first two official shows. The first one was the 31th of July in Ransäter and her results were excellent 1, ck, cert (cac), cacib och BIR (BOB).
The second show was in Askersund, the 15th of August.
Judge was Nils Molin and Happy got excellent 1, ck, cert (cac) and BIR (BOB).
The best result possible at both shows!

Then there has been some very sad news lately.
The 5th of May "Pavo" ended his days in Holland. After just a few days illness he went to his last rest in the garden he had spent all his happy days. The diagnosis was that there was cancer in the stomach and upper bowel and the cancer was advanced to the liver and pancreas. Very, very sad for us all but the time he spent on this earth was a very happy time with his beautiful family in Holland.

In June we lost our beloved Vega due to cancer. It was a very aggressive type of lymph cancer and just within 3 days from the first visit to the vet we had to decide to put her to sleep. It was terrible for us all, both the dogs and the humans.
In spite of the tough last days we now remember her as the joyful, happy dog she was.

In July another dog from our kennel was put to sleep too. It's a female from Yobas B-litter, "Chili" ( H W's Yobas Black Chili). She didn't get a diagnosis but she stopped eating and her blood test from the liver gave a very bad result. So because of this it was decided to let her "rest", in a better place together with all the other familymembers from kennel Happy Workmate's.

5 May 2011
On April the 4th we celebrated the "star litter" at their 9th birthday. One of the dogs from this litter, Aquarius-Quai, is recently put to sleep so there are 7 left of that litter.

On April the 20th the "c-litter" were celebrating too. Already 5 years old! This is so far the latest litter from my kennel but hopefully not the last.

Happy is growing into a quite nicelooking, energetic and promising HH. She is always in the mood for work, work at any kind (even obedience). This spring she has even had the possibility to meet sheep and hopefully I can get help to develope her talents according to sheep herding.

Happy with the sheep

2 Oct 2010
At the moment there are no separate english pages. I have not been very good at updating them, so at the moment I'll use this page as a sort of "newspage".
If the english ones will be missed I'll probably link them back on again :)

In the meantime you may use the webtool "Google translate". It's not very good but will give you an idea what I'm writing.

If you want to get in contact with me, feel free to e-mail or give me a ring.
My e-mailadress is
Phonenumber; +46 511 343059 or cellphone, +46 70 567 9133

Happy playing








Happy and her ten pups

Show results Dacci

Ice Breaker des terres d'Alfheim
Ice Breaker des terres d'Alfheim

Happy and Ice Breaker
Happy and Ice

Dacci with her prices
Dacci with her prices

Elektra in her garden


Happy in the ring

Anna and Devil
Flink (Devil) and Anna

Devil and Emma
Devil and Emma

Dacci and Lotte
Dacci and Lotte

Izzie, Nina and Stian
Izzie , Nina and Stian


Happy with prices


Jan looking at Happys teeth


Happy playing





Happy BOB in Denmark


Happy SE UCH

Happy in the group final

Leo and Vega 9 years old

Leo and Vega at their 9th birthday!


Happy as a little pup